Home Treatment For Scabies – Three Of The Best

home treatment for scabiesFor anyone with scabies the rash may be unsightly and embarrassing but the intense itching is horrendous. Unfortunately, the itch only gets worse over time therefore fast, effective home treatment for scabies is essential.

scabies can be extremely difficult to get rid of and any treatment has to be carried out frequently and with great diligence if it is to be successful.

Home Treatment For Scabies You May Want To Try

Sulphur – This was used way back in Roman times as a scabies cure and it has to be said it really does work. It is messy and very smelly but if you want to get rid of the horrid scabies mites under your skin it is worth it. You can buy reay prepared sulphur soaps and creams which probably do smell a little more pleasant but which can be fairly expensive or you can make your own. Simple buy some sulphur powder from the drug store and mix it with a base cream – Vaseline will do. This has to be smeared over your body at night and washed of in the morning – repeat for three consecutive nights.
Neem oil/leaves – You can use neem leaves made into a paste then applied to the infected areas. Perhaps it is far simpler to use Neem oil either directly onto the skin or by adding some to a warm (not hot) bath.

Tea tree oil – use this in the same way as Neem oil. You may find this not as strong and has a much more pungent smell!

These three scabies cures should kill the mites under the skin but be prepared for this to take some time.

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Steam treatment for bed bugs

treatment for bed bugsOne of the safest treatment for bed bugs options available on the market is the use of steam cleaners to kill the little pests. It is safe as long as you follow a few safety rules. Never put your hands in front of the steamer bit as you can get burned by doing that, try to get a dry steam cleaner to use, this will cut down on the amount of wetness left behind. Follow all the safety instructions that come with the steam cleaner.

When using a steam cleaner to kill bed bugs you should be aware that it is the heat that kills all stages of bed bugs life from eggs to adults. The bugs cannot survive temperatures of over 46centigrade so make sure your steam cleaner reaches at least that temperature.

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How to kill bed bugs yourself

While it is not difficult to carry out the treatment of bed bugstreatment of bed bugs infestations yourself it can be time consuming. You have to be able to recognise that you have bed bugs, they tend to leave blood smears and fecal stains on bedding and areas they inhabit, you may also find the shed skins and live bugs. The live bugs look a bit like small flat apple seeds and the eggs look like grains of rice.

Once you discover bed bugs you need to clean the room and all objects in it. Launder all linens at as high a temperature as possible, you can also tumble dry items on high to kill bed bugs, be sure the tumble dryer is cleaned after in case the bugs fall out during this.

Next clear the room of all clutter, bag up any old stuff you want to get rid of and dispose of it properly.

After that clean the room thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner, get into all the nooks and cranny’s and get rid of all the loose bugs and eggs as possible. When done dispose of the bag in a sealed plastic bag and dispose of in the trash, also clean the vacuum to make sure there are no live bugs stuck in it.

The next step is to buy or hire a dry steam cleaner and thoroughly clean the room with it, the bed bugs cannot survive high temperatures at all stages from eggs to adults.

Once you have treated the room with steam go round and seal up all cracks and holes you can find that bed bugs may like to live. Lay down bed bug traps and put out diatomaceous earth to prevent the bed bugs returning. You may also want to seal mattresses to stop bed bugs getting into or out of them.

If you want to find out more about getting rid of bed bugs you can find free articles and information at http://treatmentofbedbugs.net/

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